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Lesson Plans

As a supporting effort to the school environment, school nutrition plays a significant role in bettering the health of students. An in-class--school based Nutrition lesson unit ensures that students can learn the difference between nutritious foods and unhealthy foods through education and educational activities. As a teacher myself, I believe providing nutrition and fitness education to my students will influence the way that they view food choices and eating habits. This lesson unit will focus on the USDA MyPlate five food groups,   and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables every day.  In addition, lessons will share the importance of both nutrition and exercise on the brain. It is my hope that students will gain the understanding of how important it is to fuel their brains in order to come to school ready to learn.  If one of our primary goals as educators is to help students prepare for healthy and productive lives, then nutrition and health education are central to that goal.

Studies repeatedly link good nutrition to learning readiness, academic achievement, and decreased discipline and emotional problems (Briggs). If you are inspired to step up and do something about  educating your students about good eating habits and staying active, here are a few lesson plans to teach students the importance of nutrition and exercise to keep their bodies strong and healthy. These lessons have been designed for the 10-12 year olds or 4th and 5th grade.

Lesson 6

Review and Wrap Up

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